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Fic: For Gallifrey and the Lady President, chapter 6

Title: For Gallifrey and the Lady President (chapter 6/7)
Rating: PG-13 for violence
Word Count: 12.3k for this chapter; 78,000 overall
Pairings/Characters: Romana/Narvin, Leela/Andred, Brax, Eight, Arkadian, and K-9's I and II
Summary: Wherein Gallifrey gains a brand new enemy, all our heroes find themselves suddenly in their elements, and the Lady Romana remembers what it costs to be the President.
AN: This story is part of the Time and Again series, and will be hard to follow if you haven't read the earlier parts. Time and Again has always belonged to agapi42, and so it does still, with many thanks to her and everyone else who has swung the pom-poms during the writing of this monster. Even more thanks to my fearless beta, blackletter.

Chapter One lives here, Chapter Two here, Chapter Three here; Chapter Four here; Chapter Five here; and the seventh and final chapter will be coming your way tomorrow.

Chapter Six: The Battle of Arcadia
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